Looking for surfing spots is not as easy as you can. You may go very far from your town to find a suitable place for surfing. But if you are Australian or visitors to Australia, do not ignore the Gold Coast, the best spot of surfing, where gathers almost all skilled surfers in the countries.

Now discover great waves and learn to surf on our paradise!

  1. Introduction

With 70 kilometers of sun – drenched beaches and four points “break”, it is easy to realize why the Gold Coast becomes the home of city called Surfer Paradise ( paradise for surfers).

As host to a number of international tournaments, Gold Coast, where the waves are high and very suitable to organize the international surfing competitions. 35 beaches are carefully controlled by professional lifeguards and the waves are suited to all level of surfing. If you are a new learner to surf then the Gold Coast is an ideal place to practice. Enrolling in one of the surfing school here where teachers with recognized qualifications you will be taught to stand on the surfboard and quickly catch the waves.

  1. The great waves and a number of small spots

Guests are completely comfortable with the waves on the Gold Coast particularly at the Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck Beach, Palm and Mermaid. About once a week, wind contributes to the western waves to create the perfect wave of 1 to 2 sets high. The rest is more peaceful and less noisy. Once two months, the tornado far from the shore generates tsunami waves as high as 4 sets that attract good surfers with impressive dreamy surfboards. Surfing with the Boogie board is the most appropriate in the morning before the wind blows and Narrowneck is suitable for kite flying.

If the sharks and the ships are not enough to threaten tourists, please pass the Gold Coast Seaway to South Stradbroke Island and to discover the best beaches and most uniform in Queensland. The waves are just like magic especially in dyed pink and quiet dawn.

In the south, there are Mermaid and Miami Beach. Tourists can lounge by on the surfboards or classically surf and challenge on the waves at Burleigh Heads then relax in front of towering stone pillars of the ancient Norfold Island Pines that makes this protected beach well – known.

Going down the beach, near the border with New South Wales, the Snapper Rocks Superbank has now become legend. Spreading over Snapper Rock Point, Rainbow Beach, ancient relic Greenmount Headland, Coolangatta and Kirra beach, the sand here are created by moving sand from the Tweed River to stop the waves to make corrosion coastline.

Currently, Supperbank is home to the world’s longest waves, including the record of 1.97 kilometers from Snapper Rock to Kirra. Talking about the endless waves, it is also home to many of Australia’s waves with the local people and the professional windsurfers – monopoly on the surfboard. Kirra is one of the beaches where the waves have not been strong since Superbank changes the shape of Rainbow Bay. However, when a tornado comes, tourists still have the opportunity to admire these amazing waves. When tourists catch the last wave of the day, let’s go to the local surfing club along the Gold Coast to eat, drink or track friendly surfing competitions.

We cannot deny that the Gold Coast includes so many small beaches laying along the coast with significant features for surfing. Coming here to practice surfing, you do not have to consider the power of waves, wind and even inspiration. The Gold Coast becomes the place to inspire a lot of skillful surfers.

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